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Share your Crapenstance

Issue #1

In this issue

The Phone: Ordeal with a stranger asking to use my cell phone in San Francisco, CA.

The Lock: A weird tries to convince me not to lock my belongings at the gym in Bethesda, MD.

12 page sumi ink painted Minicomic with full color watercolor cover.

What is Crapenstance?

I have traveled quite a bit in the past few years in support of my autobiographical project 48 days in harajuku, tokyo.

It seems like I'd have a strange run-in with a random person in each city I would visit. These encounters always kind of irk me. They are usually 100% unwanted, but they end up being funny.

I think of these types of encounters as a crappy happenstance or a Crapenstance.

Quote from Crust Punk Lunch — Posted by Asif
“It was like a pack of dirty wolves with wolves as pets.”